Anonym im Netz Schütze Deine Identität
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In order to be able to surf the net anonymously, you need several components, some of which presuppose each other. For this reason, it is usually only possible to start out anonymously and complete anonymity must be achieved in several stages.

The most important pillars of identity protection in the network are:

  • Anonymous Internet access e. g. via VPN, (anonymous) mobile phone or temporarily via WLAN. Here simply called “anonymous IP address”.
  • An anonymous e-mail address.
  • An anonymous mobile phone/smartphone
  • Send and receive money anonymously.

Later you may also need an anonymous server or anonymous domains. However, this is usually only necessary for people who want to publish something themselves and therefore already have more specialist knowledge.

Anonymous can also mean pseudonym. With most of the providers on the web you have to give some name. However, this should not be your own. You can create a pseudo identity, but it is better to have several identities at the same time, because otherwise the data can be merged into a person profile.

Basically, you should NEVER give your correct address on the net unless you order goods.


Anonymous websurfing
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