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bit flat, the good. But somehow is also expected nothing else. Of a “Fun Factor” to speak, I feel as cynical.

When presenting its report, the Federal Data Protection Commissioner calls upon the legislator, to keep the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court in view and complained an unconstitutional curtailment of their rights of control in the foreign intelligence service

Activity Report of the Federal Data Protection Commissioner: "Sometimes, the fun factor is missing"
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  1. Wilhelm Schütt said on 30-05-2017

    Ihr wisst doch: “Girls just wanna have fun.

  2. Mario Egger said on 30-05-2017

    Wenn sie sich mal richtig mit denen anlegte, die den Datenschutz aushebeln wollen, in Deutschland oder EU-weit, dann hätte sie vielleicht auch mehr Spaß.

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