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Petwrap – an offshoot of Petya – his worst starts. Contrary to conventional ransomware it does not encrypt files one by one, but will boot the machine, encrypts the MFT and overwrites the MBR. Gateway is also SMBv1.

In the words of Hacker News:
“What to do immediately? Go and apply those goddamn patches and disable the unsecured, 30-year-old SMBv1 file-sharing protocol on your Windows systems.”

Update: It is no Petya offshoot, It is found only pieces of code, which also Petya has already used.
Aktuell bekanntes Einfallstor soll wohl die ukrainische Steuersoftware ‘MeDoc’ be, which autonomously retrieves updates from an address. This address has been transferred and apparently contaminated with Code.
The fatal on current outbreak: Admin credentials are found on an infected computer, is continued by means of the infection wmic also been patched systems.

Petya ransomware, another large-scale ransomware attack is making chaos worldwide, encrypting systems in companies, power supplies and banks

Petya! Petya! Another Worldwide Ransomware Attack & It’s Spreading Quickly
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