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No backup!
No pity!

#words (?


No backup! No pity! #words (?
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  1. Chris Anders said on 16-06-2017

    In the Enterprise area, there are sometimes scenarios, when no operation is possible…
    example: with us is the backup server (Oracle) smoked and the ZFS pool is now on “faulted”… Short: 30TB of data loss only to backups and currently no alternative to the server

  2. Svenja Petersen said on 10-06-2017

    Backups are for wimps. Real nerds load their stuff on a öffetlichen FTP Serve let some other reflect the Kram!

  3. Markus Zeller said on 10-06-2017


  4. Maybrit Killner said on 10-06-2017

    What do you need? 😀 I'll be very Backup Faul. However, I really tragic got nothing on my computers, because I do a lot of things either analog or have by chance or by the beloved chaos across devices.

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