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Not all Bitcoin wallets are to use inherently anonymous. While receiving Bitcoins is absolutely critical (This rationale is also e.g.. on an offline- or Paperwallet) the real problem lies in creating and sending a transaction.

Bitcoin Wallet anonym

What data fall ever at at a Bitcoin transaction?

This should not be about the flow of money itself, but only to the metadata when sending Bitcoins and the necessary to generate a transaction.

Who uses a Webwallet or stock exchange, has there mostly registered. Either with his e-mail address, usually well even with ID Card Copy. Such Bitcoin exchanges are of course very far from the anonymity.

Webwallets as e.g.. Easywallet, require registering, actually get only the user's IP address and its Browser Fingerprint. Using a VPN or TOR, so you can use such a wallet quite good Anonymous. But beware, Although Webwallets are anonymous, but therefore very uncertain. Who the URL mitschneidet, can output the Bitcoins. Under no circumstances larger amounts can be stored there.Bitcoin Wallet anonym

Is the core Bitcoin Wallet anonymous?

In principle already, because it will be forwarded to all transactions in the Peer-2-Peer Network, without distinguishing, whether it's a foreign transaction or a, Transaction locally generated is. However, there are various attack scenarios, about the origin of a transaction to find.

the attacker operates enough nodes in the Bitcoin network, so it can detect, in which a temporal order determined transaction was seen and therefore close to the origin. He could also try, connect to any known Bitcoin build node and can then directly see, where a transaction originates. Here, the attacker but only receives the IP address, through which the transaction was fed into the grid. Further personal data is the Bitcoin Wallet not known.

Therefore, it is recommended here, the Bitcoin wallet anonymous operate, a anonyme IP (z.B. VPN) to use.

To complicate this scenario, Bitcoin Core is currently working on the installation of the Dandelion (“dandelion”) Systems. Here, the master transaction is copied and shared on all neighboring nodes simultaneously, as the seed of a dandelion. Thus, backtracking is difficult to source IP. Nevertheless, one should, whenever necessary, use an anonymous IP.

use anonymous Bitcoin Wallet – That's how it's done
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