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Foreigners will be surprised – in Austria, for example, every prepaid SIM is fully anonymous. to use a foreign SIM but is way too expensive and in Germany, unfortunately, you have the SIM cards to register before using.

But this will vary performed conscientiously by the seller. When purchasing from discounters you never have to actually submit the certificate. In the media market u.ä. however, sometimes, depending on supply. In such a case, of course, is dispensed like or has his badge unfortunately forgotten at home 🙂

It always find an offer, where this is not the case. Online registration is mandatory in any case, but here one can simply specify a fake address. I can recommend personally Congstar (D1) and Edeka Mobil (D2), simply because I both “large networks D” better find than E + and O2. In addition, the two during the registration look back not as accurate. I can recommend not mind klarmobil, Here you want to have an identity number. While this is no insurmountable obstacle, but it goes with the other party so without!

tip: In the “Used mobile phone stores” which are mostly operated in all major towns of Indians or Turks, You can buy ready-activated Sims almost all networks. So you then have saved even Web enablement.

A very good overview of all the calling rates are at Prepaid-Wiki. But what data providers want then, is not specified there and everyone must find out.

If an address is not accepted times, so helps to look in the phone book. However, one should at least be fair and change the first name, Finally, one wants to bring nobody innocent in distress. (at the same time but also a reason, why you should not be in the phone book)

The Register must of course with a anonymous IP address and anonymous e-mail respectively.


  • pack never the SIM into a mobile phone, which is somehow registered. No SIM may previously have been in their own name. All this can be tracken on the IMEI number. Join this may mean well, that the phone was bought by mail order at its own address or even the store together with a contract.
  • Never call his official mobile phone with the anonymous phone. Not to test.
  • Caution when two (or more) Handies carries around with him! By comparing the motion profiles an anonymous phone can be assigned to a normal cell phone. This is particularly true when both mobile phones operate on the same network. Then the comparison of the radio cells is a breeze.
  • Just smartphones give much anonymity, when e.g.. its Google- or Facebook account has entered on the smartphone. This mobile phone is of course absolutely no longer anonymous. Still, is also recommended for such a mobile phone with a SIM card on fake names, just for a little more privacy.
  • Of course must phone, SIM card and all Aufladekarten anonymous (am bessten bar) get paid, ideally in a kiosk far from the own residence and without camera surveillance.
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  1. said on 23-03-2017

    you can also charge the phone with credit Bitcoin

    • anonymouse said on 09-06-2017

      check it out on, there can be anonymous SIM cards easily order with paypal or bitcoin. fertg already registered and activated.

  2. Arnonym said on 22-01-2015

    Phone / prepaid card may not be paid with a credit card. Conrad IMEI and credit card number are on the sales slip.

    • Arnonym said on 23-01-2015

      In Wikipedia article “” the following document was linked: “Guide to Data Access particularly in the field of telecommunications. General Prosecutor's Office Munich”. For daily defense work it is extremely important, because here the relatively current state of affairs(2011) is played.

      It can be found under

      Those who still have illusions, it should not read. For more robust natures delicacies find like e-ticketing and for years occupied foreign heads.

      And prepaid cards, it is :

      “A discovery approach can be in these cases, to determine on the charging processes of pre-paid cards, who makes these (often at the same time users).
      The provider / network operators have data, where or. to which terminals charging was carried out.
      This data is in the public prosecutor's request for information pursuant to §§ 161 published Code of Criminal Procedure. If a payment by debit card was made, the bank in the course can be found. If the charge was paid in cash, Investigation might be about installed video cameras
      (z.B. at petrol stations) continue”

      Another note from me: Even large German retail chains monitor their customers by camera(and the checkout area) and lift the data on some months – see also the ALDI-video affair 2012, were filmed at the scantily clad female customers; so monitoring can also be fun.

    • Ann O. Nyma said on 23-01-2015

      …embarrassing (for Admin and me), that us, this is not noticed.
      Of course, should Nothing like cashless (with map, transfer, …) get paid!
      @Admin: first insert for comment Non-Cash reader in the article?

  3. Ann O. Nyma said on 21-01-2015

    A smartphone as a mobile phone is the most unstable and unkontrollierbarste communication device at all.
    This takes you * only * for GSM calls / SMSE. no data connection, no nothing. Then fit the same with anonymity / security.
    And most, storing contact information anonymously (Chives is curious!).

  4. Mark said on 17-05-2013

    You should not use cyber ghost “anonymity” connect. The company is at the request of authorities all the information out.
    And the worst is that happens the regular software update, before the computer establishes a VPN Verbindnug. That you can watch yourself with you if you just hinschaust. So the company receives for each software update your real IP. made smart and no one notices the.

    • admin said on 17-05-2013

      A VPN provider always gets anyway the correct IP. Unless you cascade two VPNs and then not notice ers even when software update. The only important data which can give out the provider, it's also the IP. Unfortunately, that's enough, wenns was the real… Perfect Privacy promises, anything to save. Thus, they can also give out nothing. Hopefully it's true…

  5. Siegfried Stauffen said on 29-03-2013

    The VPN service offers an app which you can anonymize his cell phone. Say a proxy for mobile phones. I do not know if that's the case for calls but in case of Skype e.g.. beautiful. Otherwise you can send encrypted messages after the first read self-destruct. Here few providers (by clicks 1 to 100 or time-minute to set 2weeks) – 15 s. to 5 me. – With Registration – With Registration + correct mail account + temporary videos – Set to meet and paint is deleted in + pw

    There are also smartphones which are eavesdropping. Angela Ferkel has so one and otherwise, of course, all the intelligence agencies & Co. There is ne German company that I do not know offering but whether the offer for citizens or for governments u.ä.

    The company is called and is headquartered in Dusseldorf

  6. Carlo di Palatinate said on 18-03-2013

    Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi have at some point used mobile phones and made their pursuers easier it to locate them. The latter was filmed using a mobile phone even when he was executed. The best always put a jammer in his pocket and stay away from mobile phones.

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