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The term “IP Address Anonymous” stands for an anonymous Internet. The IP address is, along with an exact time, usually the most promising approach, the identity of the access line (not necessarily that of the Surfers) to determine.

Although the data retention in Germany is currently facing, still save many large providers (illegalerweise!) weeks- or even months, the assigned IP addresses.

Internet access via phone / DSL / cable can not be obtained anonymously, because the address is indeed essential, to unlock access. It is somewhat different, however for mobile Internet access, Surfsticks and wireless access points from. but these can only be used temporarily as a rule. From your own office or home, unfortunately you then leaves again traces.

Another possibility is anonymizing services such as e.g.. TOR. However, the data throughput suffers this very.

Against payment you can rent access to a VPN provider. This has the advantage over Proxies, that is any kind of internet traffic routed through anonymous IP, anonymizing proxies while usually only web traffic.

With a VPN provider can pay anonymously and receives login data for various VPN servers. These can provide a PPTP connection usually (the easiest, but not the safest way) and surfs immediately through an anonymous IP abroad. As anonymous payment option is recommended primarily a PaySafeCard or even better Bitcoins. If these are not available, does it usually also an anonymous credit card or Paypal account an anonymous.

is essential, that you trust the VPN provider. Although you can process the payment anonymous and more data than an anonymous e-mail address are usually not required. However, could the VPN provider, if he has the log files activated, your right, not anonymous, see IP address (and betrayed). For added security, you could cascade two VPN services, then it is sufficient if one is trustworthy. but this usually means increased effort and double costs.

As a VPN provider, leads by his own account no logs, has so far proven. Here you can also easily pay with Paysafecard. One Pass 3 Months is a 50 Euro Paysafecard paid. Longer additions cost less per month.

As another alternative, it should be CyberGhost called.

Not recommended, however, is the provider “HidemyAss” – therefore!

Also, the mixing of Service JonDonym should not go unmentioned here. Unlike the VPN only traffic is anonymous here, which is directed explicitly through the proxy. However, the anonymity is here more, since several mixes are used in succession. Furthermore JonDonym offers a Firefox profile, which is optimized for maximum anonymity and to avoid revealing the true identity by exploiting security holes. Looking at the project website, it can be found, that there are professionals at work understand your job.


Anonymous IP Address
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  1. Argentina Ladonne said on 08-08-2015

    Hello, The report anonymous Internet payments concerns me indeed been around for a while. I am backing up my private data a priority issue, I want to lose the numbers in any case www. On I came across some advanced information.

  2. Ann O. Nyma said on 21-01-2015

    For truly anonymous IPs should * mandatory * VPNs 2er Provider * (two fundamentally different jurisdictions (also z.B. not BE and DE, but RU and EN) kaskadieren. are perfect 2 Jurisdiction auserhalb der EU (knows / underestimated here / we help each other == short distances / durations).
    Even, if two lie (and even still write logs) the logs of your ISPs are already cleared with high probability, are before the letters rogatory executed and answered.,

    *pay both anonymous, understood.

  3. Anonymous said on 04-07-2013

    I recommend the relatively new provider very good service, very good speed, all common protocols, about 10 different servers selected, fair price.

  4. Michael Meisner said on 29-03-2013

    The service has also proven. The first went to Germany but after one of its servers was seized was determined to retire to a safe haven – in the case of Romania where the Supreme Court did not decide that the Constitution compliant data store.

    Upon seizing the CG server, incidentally, no data were found because they still do not store log data. see entry

    From a technical perspective here some insights

    The advantage of the VPN provider is that they have no bandwidth limit so you do not have to do without its Internet speed and also offer the infinite already in the free version of Traffic. You have the choice between 19 Countries and over 100 servers. The most important countries for watching videos e.g.. are already in the process such as Switzerland, France, Germany or USA.

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