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beforehand: All of the following procedures only anonymous, if you have a anonymous Internet used. The operator can of course see the IP address used!

The simplest solution to an anonymous e-mail address is a so-called “Wegwerf” Address.

A good supplier for this is e.g.. Mailinator. Here you do not have to register, but simply indicates any email and can then open the Inbox on the website. this is ideal e.g.. confirmation mails, when logging in anywhere, z.B. in a forum or a social network. Because the addresses were blocked with @ by some operators, provides Mailinator some alternative domains at, such as., or other. One must then just find a domain that works to register.

But beware – everyone, who knows the e-mail address, mails can retrieve and read without login and password. This disposable email so is by no means secret information or e.g.. for password recovery.


If this is necessary, you have to get a correct login for a mail service, protects the mailbox with a password. Of course, you can simply e.g.. register with GMX, but the German version requires much personal information, you must then fill with Fakedaten. Slightly less curious is the international version

It's even easier but e.g.. on Here almost nothing is queried. It is also important here, the use of an anonymous Internet access when you register and every login! A single login to a non-anonymous IP address can reveal the identity of potentially.



Anonyme E-Mail
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  1. Anonymous Email said on 05-09-2015

    Hi guys,
    I've been using for some time the free service of yet had NEVER problems!

    There are no data stored there.

  2. Ann O. Nyma said on 21-01-2015 is my favorite for quick dismissive mails.
    Mailinator has too short a derivative action (clears too quickly).

  3. Michael Meisner said on 29-03-2013

    As for disposable emails soo anonymous are not. Most store log data. In many but you can switch between a Web proxy

    Here are 50 Disposable e-mail provider

    or you call it with the anonymous browser TOR where every few minutes the IP address changes. It is very slow and not surf suitable not look movies, or what high – or download for registered or for some chats definitely.

  4. Siegfried Stauffen said on 29-03-2013

    2 things anticipated:

    1.) The ISP does not see the address which he forgives when using a VPN service. He then sees only the IP address of the service. And though they sell encryption (usually do most VPN) does the ISP not the pages you have surfed or etc which sought.

    2.) Hushmail is not recommended. Storing the IP and enter these also happy and immediately to the authorities. But even so, who are not sure – please refer

    Secure e-mails would be there rather here:

    In itself, it's all sausage as long as one's going to VPN into the network since each program is going to the Internet anonymously and the right IP veiled so you can also use the local e-mail provider to have in his country without worry that one blows up. Well you should of course use different e-mails – one for job and authorities e.g. another for chats about, yet another for mates or strangers etc. E-mail addresses from other countries were it makes sense.

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