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Anonymous call does not simply mean the number of the own mobile or landline phone to suppress. Although one can with a anonymem Handy of course, anonymous phone calls. There are, however, in the times of VOIP even easier ways.

Anoynm call via VOIP

While there are VOIP Gateways, the promises, to store data, but should be trusted to not. First of all, one should therefore his conceal IP, before registering with such a Gateway. Payment must be run as anonymous, on bessten own this again Bitcoins.

anonymous call with VOIP and Bitcoins

A VOIP Gateway, which anonymous phone calls and a payment supported with Bitcoins, ist z.B.

Kindly, you can also find the outgoing number (CLI) set and thus not only anonymous calls, spoof but also a strange phone number. For this purpose, although registration is required, but which problems with incorrect data and a anonymous e-mail address is working.

The call charges are for calls in the European landlines mostly in 2 Cent pro Minute. As a registered user you get also still 10% Discount.

Who uses the site without registration, should deposit his Bitcoins from a rear end capable Address. The account balance is in fact merely fixed to a cookie, after which 30 days expires. Then bitphone the balance trying returned to the sender address. This is reflected e.g.. fail, if they are directly deposits by an exchange of. Also, we should not charge large amounts, be able to call anonymously only once.


Anonymous calls – anonymous phone calls
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  1. Hank said on 30-08-2016

    Ich nutze CSipSimple mit OSTN als VoIP. Infos unter (NICHT .com).

    Das tolle ist, dass man keine Rufnummer hat, sondern einen willkürlichen Nickname. Funzt top. Perfekt, um was in Kolumbien zu bestellen 😆

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