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Late last year , famed physicist Stephen Hawking issued a warning that the continued advancement of artificial intelligence will either be

we have to look good on the fingers of the Maziere and the Meuse.

The worst was prevented - such a conclusion might be to yesterday decided Privacy Act. A fallacy, find our author Ingo Dachwitz. Because for the data protection hostile course of the interior minister, the result is still a success - the gradual degradation of basic rights are in full swing.

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He has, he has – the headline is too funny, we can not beat!

Help, with us the information war rages! A report by Facebook shows, affect how intelligence on the platform campaigns – and makes indirectly a responsible country.

Hello'm in Yahoo changed my settings and now something:
“Your account is currently not enabled for sign-in from apps that do not meet modern security standards (e.g. older versions of email and calendar apps such as Outlook). As a result, we prevented a sign-in …….
We strongly recommend that you switch to Yahoo’s apps, such as Yahoo Mail, on desktop and mobile and remove your account from all other less secure apps. ”

Now go K9-mail and Thunderbird(version 45, Ubuntu repository) no more.(with the current thunderbird vesion ego got not tried). Are they really so insecure? or is this just a marketing trick? and if unsure, which open source mail clients as the safest?


why, are enough users, the ignorant continue to buy Samsung devices ... 😛

Google's Project Zero has recently found several critical vulnerabilities in Broadcom chips and drivers, which can be transferred smartphones.

Open WLANs it should no longer be in Switzerland soon. Now providers defend against the new surveillance law.

Please give not always too much credence to the warning messages on the Internet. The news portals live on the clicks, it shows the headlines again and again:

By the ECJ ruling was found, that streaming is always illegal, if the Web page for the user appears manifestly unlawful.

bad loop: Criminals use unsuspecting employees, to gain access to secret corporate data and then trigger payments to fraudsters.

Another current topic?

»Dating-Portals – Not everything is on the Internet, what it appears to be "

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