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After “new” determining the “special data” now “prefers” may be treated Telekom has even once again to offer 2 classes Internet and other services more quickly to offer (of course, against a profit of Prozentualsatz, against what else) num I wonder what the “more quickly” means?

A)All others remain as quickly as they are now, each of the Pays then gets hold more.
B)All others will be throttled and every online game / each stream then run at 500Ping or buff all 30 seconds.

Where at A) the question still is, how to be a little faster than it is now if you now most of the 100% Speed ​​of the line emanating, then it can not even be faster.

Someone here has an answer to the ?


Your innocent habit of copy-paste is reflected when we send the URLs of search pages as some reference to our friends. But, it comes with some risks.

Not surprising…

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