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Who just going to want to quickly received an anonymous text message to a German mobile phone, need a non-consuming anonymous Handy to get. Under there are various German mobile numbers available for free.

Calling the page should of course be done via an anonymous IP. However, can also be used in a normal IP no SMS message to a specific user assign. namely you always see all the news.

And some looks determined just out of curiosity to, what you can register everything with an anonymous phone number.


Update 31.12.2012:

Another page also international numbers Every now and then is also a German number here.


Update 8.1.2015:

On not only is there a lot of numbers, but you can be set up for a fee, a private mobile number.

host Anonymous is easy? You just ordered somewhere at a hoster a package under a false name and pays anonymous? Clearly this is, but how long? Once symptoms occur, the hoster will clear the account first and request a verification of identity. Latest from then it will be far too costly.

But fortunately there are also Hoster, explicitly provide anonymous service and accordingly “painless” act.

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The authorities are not tired, continue to demand the retention, because many Internet crimes could not be revealed without them allegedly. As an example, here is finding the “SPD-Hackers” called called ZyklonB.

However, stay with this action many questions unanswered. On closer reading, one might be even believe, that, contrary to what the BKA, data retention in this case, just Not has helped.

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